Sustainability and Design

Developing sustainable outputs relies on degrowth and altered lifestyle choices. The consumer can have a significant impact by choosing ecological friendly products and practicing sustainable use. An alternative revamped view on sustainability and upcycling can encourage such habits and support lasting attachments.

Working with post-industrial textile waste a combination of Zero-waste and Upcycling strategies is utilized. Connecting industrial manufacturing and traditional tailoring offers the mass production of one. A rich variety and uniqueness is achieved through integrating the diversity of the fabric waste in a refined new process. 



Alternative values are transferred into the fabric design through adapting specific cultural aesthetics. Not only appealing to alternative consumer groups, but also fostering lasting attachment, the chosen inserts reflect personality and individually.

RaaaR is for everyone in search for daring and expressive clothing, that reflects individual emotional values and grows with the wearer. Therefore, increasing attachments and reevaluating our behavior towards Textiles. Manufactured in Switzerland the upcycled and zero waste garments support local businesses and contribute to a sustainable handling of resources.